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Κυριακή, 13 Μαΐου 2007

To Wii or not to wii

I decided to start my blog on the Nintendo wii, I figured it would bring me good luck due to the fact that its selling like crazy. I got my wii on Dec 1 2006 in Greece, 7 days earlier than the official Nintendo launch but thats a whole other blog. The first month, I spent days playing Zelda and wii sports with friends. The whole wii mote function seemed interesting and fun at the time. But after 4 months of dust collecting on my wii, I am considering to sell it while i can still make some money back! I am playing with a new theory. Sell the wii now, and buy one in a year or two when there will be actual good games all ready out. There are no good games right now! And the publishers are just now slowwwwwwwwly learning the wii motes potential. On gamespot wii reviews only one game has a rating over 9!One whole game. And that game is Wario ware, which we all know is a compilation of mini games that mostly caters to kids. Also, almost every game that has been released has control issues.
Do not get me wrong I LOVE NINTENDO and I have the systems and the games to prove it but something deep inside me is telling me that the wii is a gimmick. I hope I am wrong.

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