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Σάββατο, 30 Ιουνίου 2007

The Darkness PS3 vs. Xbox 360 comparison video

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Ninja Gaiden Sigma Review

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Πέμπτη, 28 Ιουνίου 2007

Wii make are own games!!!

Home and independent game makers are getting a chance to put together titles for Nintendo's Wii console.

The hi-tech firm has released a game making tool called WiiWare that gives budding game makers the data they need to use the console and its innovative controller.

Wii owners will be able to download the games through net channels accessible via the console.

Nintendo said the first games would be available for download in early 2008.

Fresh ideas

Anyone wanting to use the WiiWare tool will need a basic knowledge of programming, said Nintendo. It lets people start creating their game on a PC but it must be fine-tuned and finished on the console itself.

The company said it expected game makers to use the Wii's motion sensitive controller to create "fresh takes on established genres".

"Independent developers armed with small budgets and big ideas will be able to get their original games into the marketplace to see if we can find the next smash hit," said Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America president in a statement.

Once quality tested by Nintendo, games created via the WiiWare service will be put on the Wii Shop channel so owners can download them.

Wii owners must spend points to get the games. Owners buy Wii points by credit card or by purchasing cards in stores.

The move by Nintendo follows a similar initiative by Microsoft. It has made an express version of its XNA game making tools available for students and hobbyists so they can craft titles for the Xbox.



The Darkness Review

The Darkness is a remarkable action game that tells a compelling story from start to finish.

The good
  • Amazing voice work and dialogue set the mood right out of the gate
  • Stunning graphics, both technically and artistically
  • Darkness powers are a lot of fun to use again and again
  • Compelling, well-told story
  • Can press a button to devour human hearts.
The bad

  • Most of the conventional weapons are useless
  • Enemy reactions and artificial intelligence feel a little too passive at times
  • Multiplayer feels a little tacked-on.

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Brand new Fallout 3 pictures



NEW!!! Grand Theft Auto IV trailer

Looking for that Special Someone trailer trailer of Grand Theft Auto IV. Just released by Rockstar


Τρίτη, 26 Ιουνίου 2007

Burnout Paradise Extreme racing

Electronics Arts has released five new all new pics of Burnout Paradise, the fifth game in the arcade racing series that gives the player the joy of going crazy in Paradise City, the new racing arena.

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PREVIEW: Grand Theft Auto IV

When the trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV was released back in March, confused argument briefly flared around the game’s location – was it GTAIII’s Liberty City or real-world New York?

The answer, of course, is that it’s both, a fictional cloak of convenience for a town that in detail and spirit already looks far closer to the Big Apple than any more nominally accurate videogame rendering has managed in the past.

The second question, an obsession for GTA fans ever since Vice City took them back to the cold glamour of 1980s late-night TV, is somewhat trickier: when is it? It has a straightforward answer – GTAIV is set in the present day – but it’s a disingenuous one, because this Liberty isn’t present-day New York. Giuliani never got elected here, the crime crackdown and economic boom never happened; maybe its World Trade Center equivalent was destroyed, or maybe it was never built....more @ Next-gen

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PS3 Tom Clancys Rainbow six Vegas style

For anyone holding out to play the PlayStation 3 version of Rainbow Six: Vegas, the wait has certainly yielded the most generous version of the game so far. It's a substantial and feature-packed game: It includes all the features of the 360 version (bar the Vision Cam face-mapping technology) and the recently released Player's Pack Red Edition, new multiplayer maps, and some extra tweaks like using the Sixaxis to control the under-the-door snake camera.

The single-player campaign is exactly the same as we've seen before in the 360 version, and it's a far more substantial campaign than what we've seen from this franchise previously. Whereas previous Rainbows were little more than a series of well-designed skirmishes loosely hooked together in sequence, the new game is actually built around a story arc. While it's certainly not the most imaginative narrative you'll ever come across, it does bring the game a far greater sense of purpose than we've seen in previous episodes, despite being marred by a Halo 2–style cliff-hanger ending. It's fun, it's relatively short, but it's not really the reason people play Rainbow Six games.

The real meat comes from the multiplayer modes, which in this version include two co-op modes (a four-player version of the story mode, which is tremendous fun, and a co-op terrorist hunt) and eight adversarial modes. Of most interest are the two new modes from Red Edition, Total Conquest and Assassination. The former is a team-based capture-and-hold game, which is remarkably fast-paced when played on some of the smaller maps, and requires coordinated teamwork for the best results. Thankfully the voice functionality is remarkably clear, with all the chat noticeably less crunchy than that heard on the 360 version. Assassination, similarly, is big on teamwork, as it's an attack-and-defend game with a VIP instead of a static object. On the defending team, one player is randomly selected as the target, and is dropped into the environment in civilian clothes and equipped with just a handgun. The objective is for the team to escort him to an extraction point while eliminating the opposition. If the VIP dies, the game is over. When played "seriously" it's remarkably fun, but of all the modes in Vegas it's one most likely to be spoiled by uncooperative play. For shooter fans looking for an alternative to Resistance, particularly online, Vegas offers plenty to keep things interesting. It's solid, pretty good-looking, and packs a thoroughly decent single-player campaign, too.
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RUMOR: Final Fantasy XIII May Go Multi Platform

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When questioned about Final Fantasy, Mr. Wada said;
” As of now we have no change in plans. However, just because it is designed for the PS3 does not mean that it is absolutely unusable in any way whatsoever on another platform. With regard to sales, we look at timing. It’s not just about how many units are available at a certain time; influence– is also very important."
Fantasy XIII is a PS3 exclusive as of right now but you never know.
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Δευτέρα, 25 Ιουνίου 2007

PS3,WII,XBOX 360 upcoming exclusives

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Metroid prime 3 new and old pictures

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